Song does not appear on one Roon album until Song Info/ File is opened in iTunes

Seven days left on my free trial, so I’m using the time to make sure Roon is working for me. I found a strange behavior. Most of my music was/is on iTunes. After the Roon scan, there were several instances where Roon showed two albums. The first had only the first song. The second had all of the remaining songs. When I went to the album on iTunes and opened SONG INFO / FILE for a track, it would appear in Roon on the first album. When I did another track, the same thing happened. When I did it for all tracks, Roon now only shows now album version with all tracks. What’s going on?

My guess is at some point you edited some of the album information in iTunes such as the cover art. Depending on how the editing was performed it may have looked like two albums to Roon. I had this issue when I initially imported my files to Roon a few years back. It was easy to fix.

Use Merge Albums to fix where necessary…

Thanks for your reply. I am doing this.

Thanks for your reply. I am sure this is what happened.