Song lyrics in Roon?

Can anybody point me in the right direction, is there an explainer anywhere? Some songs in my library show lyrics, most don’t. Are you able to add lyrics to your library or is it out of your hands? Is it a meta tags thing or am I completely off track here?


They are there or they’re not. Come from the lyric providers that roon uses.

Thanks for letting me know Ged. Saves me searching for a function that isn’t there!

There’s so much to know. I think we all randomly click on things to see if the thing we think is there exists or we misremembered.

You’ll also find that if lyrics are present, they come in two varieties: static or real-time.

I have some examples where lyrics are provided on the Tidal version, but not on my own CD rip. Two different ‘versions’ of the same identified album.

What’s going on there?

Raise it with the examples in Support, Metadata issues.