Song missing from Tidal playlist

Until now, all my music on Tidal, including all playlist, have synchronized flawlessly and when I added songs on Tidal to a playlist, it would show on Roon.

But this just changed - I added a song to a Tidal playlist, and it fails to show in Roon under that same playlist (the song is “Just a little lovin’” by Shelby Lynne).

Does anyone know how to fix this?

The sync with Tidal was a primary consideration for me when I bought the lifetime subscription, and this is very annoying. Would be grateful for any direction…

Thanks so much!

Hi @goldwerger,

Can you please try to perform a manual TIDAL sync and see if that helps?
This option is under Roon Settings -> Services -> TIDAL -> Edit -> Sync Library Now.

Thanks @noris - that solved the problem.

How do I prevent this from happening again?

how can I assure this doesn’t happen again? my library is big, and I can’t always manually spot if a song is missing, it would be good to know that all is synching well.

Hi @goldwerger,

Before you performed the manual sync, do you recall what time the last sync ran at? I’m wondering if perhaps you added that track but the scheduled TIDAL sync didn’t occur for that day yet.

@noris I really don’t know. I’m not aware that such a schedule even exists, I assumed this was constantly synched. I was out of synch for a full day (based on the above timeframe) until I manually synched it. I am happy to check any log you can point me to it, or if you can point me to where this setting is I will check that as well.

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Hi @goldwerger,

The Roon logs can be accessed by using these instructions.

A periodic sync with TIDAL is done and if your sync hasn’t occurred that day yet, it was possible that the files would have shown up later (assuming these were recently added). If you experience this issue again after the sync has occurred, please let us know.

Also, the last library sync shows up under Roon Settings -> TIDAL -> Edit so that may be the easier way of checking:

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