Song not appearing in iTunes playlist

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Ubuntu server/ ? / 1.6 build 416 64bit
Files on a Drobo mounted in /mnt/drobo on the Ubuntu server.
Those files are an iTunes library.

Description Of Issue

I now have a related problem to "Audio stream format not supported" for 7digital files, which is that 1 of the fixed files is refusing to show up in my playlists.

Some of the non-imported files were in iTunes playlists, and on doing the alac->flac->alac conversion they automatically started appearing in the iTunes playlists when viewing them in Roon.

However 1 song, which can be searched for and played in Roon, and has the same path as the song in iTunes that is in the playlists, is not appearing in the playlists when viewing them in Roon.

Changing the playlists in iTunes and forcing a rescan in Roon doesn’t help.

Hi @Sendu,

Can you share a screenshot of this album in Roon, the playlist in Roon, and the playlist in iTunes?

If you add another track to the iTunes playlist does that track appear without issue in Roon?

Adding a track to a playlist in iTunes does appear in Roon’s version of the playlist without issue.

Here are the screenshots. (This same song is in another playlist as well, where it is not at position 1, and it doesn’t appear in Roon’s version either.)

Removing the track from the iTunes playlists, quitting iTunes, waiting, then adding the track back, quitting iTunes and waiting did not make it appear.

Hi @Sendu,

Can you send us a copy of the iTunes XML file via a shared Dropbox link or another file sharing service so we can take a look?

I PM’d it to you.

Hi @Sendu,

Thanks for your patience while we’ve looked into this. I received some feedback from the team and wanted to follow up with you.

The team has not been able to reproduce this issue with the XML file that you shared with us and are hoping for a bit more information. In iTunes if you create a brand new playlists which contains only the Pray For The Wicked example shared above does the track and playlist sync to Roon? Or does this track always not work.

Hi, the problem persists, and I have an update that may indicate the cause.

I am in the process of moving from iTunes on Windows to on macOS.
I set it to use the old iTunes library and it created a new .musiclibrary, but it couldn’t locate 1 song: High Hopes.

I did a manual locate and then it seemed fine.

When I then made a backup copy of all my music from my NAS to my Mac, it failed to copy 1 song: High Hopes. This was because on the NAS, has organised 2 different Panic at the Disco songs in to 2 different artist folders, that differ only by letter case:

Panic! At the Disco
Panic! At The Disco

Perhaps the same case-handling issue affects Roon’s ability to find the song?

Hi @Sendu,

It’s possible that this could be playing into. Are you able to merge everything into one folder?

Yes, I was able to edit the metadata for High Hopes in to have lowercase the, and moved the file so now all Panic songs are under 1 directory.

Unfortunately I’m moving house and my Roon core device is off-line for a few months, so I can’t test further. I’ll report back when I can.

But what’s the playlist situation now with Do I have to manually export each and every playlist as xml to the music folder roon is watching, and export whenever I update a playlist?

Should I remove the old all-playlists xml from iTunes to avoid Roon trying to import the playlists twice?

Hi @Sendu,

Definitely let us know if that helps when you’re able to test!

For Music, you can export your library to an XML file like before, but it doesn’t automatically update like it used to, so you’ll need to re-export your XML file when there are updates you want to reflect in Roon.

Yes, you’ll want to remove the XML file before importing the new one. I’d also recommend making a backup before doing this.


I can confirm the metadata edit on High Hopes fixed the problem in Roon.

Now I have problems with playlists, but I’ll start a new thread for that.

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