Song Playback delay

I originally posted this under BluOS support, but still have not figured out a solution. I purchased the Powernode 2i last December to replace the Raspberry PI I was using with ROON. Yesterday I noticed a strange situation when playing a song. When I select a song to “play now” in ROON, it takes approximately 10 seconds to start. I tried another song and it did the same thing. When I select a playlist, it’s also delayed by 10 seconds before it kicks in and starts playing. The rest of the playlist plays fine with no delays between songs.

Not sure what settings I need to look at. There’s no issues playing music from ROON to my iPhone or PC





I did have the same problem with a Pulse 2. Went into settings/player/amplifier standby and selected off, Job done. Spent ages on the Bluesound forum looking for a work around but to no avail so eventually just had to go into the settings and experiment. Good luck.

Thanks for the suggestion…very appreciated! I changed the settings for standby…rebooted everything but didn’t work. It’s so strange…when I select a playlist to shuffle there is no delay between songs. The moment I select a song to “play now” it loads the song…I can see the audio waves…lyrics load…but it takes 10.5 seconds for the song to play. I tried different songs and it’s the same for each

Playing songs on my pc and iPhone no delay at all

Not sure how to run diagnostics to see what’s going on when the delay happens

Frustrating I know but flag this problem with ROON support who will guide you through as how to send a log. I am sure they will get to the bottom of it.

Tagging @support is fine (which the OP has done) however, flagging a post should only be used to attract the attention of the moderators.