Song plays but there is no sound

Roon Core Machine

Roon Rock build 913 on NUC8i7
Remotes are on 2020 iMac running Monterey 12.2.1 and iPad Pro running latest iOS

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Everything is wired Ethernet. Switches are unmanaged basic Netgear 5 port

Connected Audio Devices

Stream to LUMIN u1 mini with latest firmware

Number of Tracks in Library

I have about 40,000 tracks

Description of Issue

I start a song and it plays, but there is no sound output. This can happen at any point in a listening session. I have to pause the song, select the song again to restart it or select a different song to get sound again. This can take a few tries though.


What is your DAC?

How is the Lumin connected to the DAC?

If you were using USB, please disconnect the USB cable, power cycle the DAC and try coax, and vice versa.

When it has no sound, does the progress circle / time counter on the front panel still get updated?

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So this user effectively has the same issue with different hardware:

I have my own similar issue that only affects one endpoint, which is
NUC->RPi/Allo->miniDSP->Qutest, all hardwired. Things I’ve noticed are that it only affects certain sample rates, for me 48/96/192 but never multiples of 44.1 (most of my collection is 44.1). I can fix using Roon’s DSP features, so force a change of sample rate and it works without having to restart the song. Be interested to know if you’ve noticed any patterns, or if that “fix” works for you?

@wklie it is connected to the DAC via USB. I will try your suggestions. I am not sure about the display but I will check next time it happens.

@killdozer thanks for the link and the suggestions! Good point about looking for a pattern. I will have to start taking notes when it happens. Of course it was happening everyday when I made this support request but hasn’t happened since :rofl:

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Hey @wklie ,

I had this occur last night and to answer your question yes, the circle progress indicator and the time counter are both updating even though there is no sound. I have powered off the u1 mini and unplugged the USB cable and will see if the issue still occurs.

Does this sound like an issue with Roon or the u1 mini? Thanks!

I’m curious as well. No Lumin hardware here or the other case.

Please disconnect the USB, power cycle your DAC, and use coax - this is absolutely important in your case. This is not a Roon issue, and very unlikely to be a Lumin issue. Note that if you have previously turned off all the non-USB (i.e. SPDIF) outputs from Lumin app, please turn them back on in Lumin app.

If you are still using the DAC you said you were using in November 2020, I think I’ve seen a few cases of USB board failures for this brand here in Roon forum. The good thing is, the USB board can be individually purchased and DIY installed if necessary. (Not saying it is prone to failure - I believe they sell a lot of units so even a hypothetical 0.1% failure would show up. If coax works but USB does not, then we have more reasons to suspect the USB board.)

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I am having the same problem when connecting to a Naim Muso using airplay. This is the first time I have connected via airplay. I usually use UPnP, but my Sonic Transporter UPnP gateway is not working.

What happens is I will be listening. The sound will stop but music keeps playing --at least that is what Roon shows.

My only fix is to disable endpoint, do a hard reboot of Naim Muso, and the re-enable what looks like a new Roon endpoint. Problem fixed. But annoying. This happens once a day of continuous listening.

I just got my UPnP gateway to work, I will let you know if the sound drop out happens with UPnP.

I am not sure which DAC you mean, but I am currently using a Vioelectric V590 with the Amanero USB interface. I also use a Benchmark Dac3 but haven’t tested it yet. The reason I suspect Roon is because the problem started occurring after an update and never happened previously. It also does not happen when streaming from the Lumin app or if I go direct from my NUC to the V590 through USB. Thanks!

It’s not the same DAC I found from your old post. Anyway, it looks your V590 DAC has AES / coax / toslink input. You may test Lumin with this DAC using one of these three connections (after disconnecting USB and power cycling both the Lumin and the V590).

To verify the Lumin USB output, please test with the Benchmark.

In Roon, make sure you are testing one single endpoint, without grouping with other endpoints.

Ok, I contacted the manufacturer of my DAC and he told me to go into roon settings and set my Resync Delay to a minimum of 3000ms. I set it to 4000ms. This has completely fixed my problem.

As expected, you will have a brief pause in-between songs once you change the Resync Delay.

I don’t think your DAC is the same model as the thread creator’s here.

About the problem you experienced - are you referring to this post:

I have also experienced this a couple of times.
My setup is RoonServer running on MacOSX, Google Chromecast Audio, Cambridge Audio AXR100, Roon App in iOS.
The way I’m dealing with it is to restart the server & the app - this is the only way I have found to make it work, and it’s not predictable in any way - it can happen for various songs

Right now this is happening to me. It does not matter if I am playing via hqplayer to my rasberry pies (then Bifrost or Qutest DACs) or to my Sonos play 1s or Sonos Move. Roon tells me it is playing the song / music but there is no output. However, if I use the Sonos ap or play from a CD I get music out through the respective systems. Have restarted the PC with the Roon Core and rebooted the router to no avail. Software is apparently up-to-date. Very frustrated.

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