Song Scroll at bottom of Roon not working for internet radio

Roon version 1.7.555; Mac OS X.15.5; Imac retina 2017
NAD C388 with internal BlueSound card

Love listening to Radio Paradise. Great eclectic selection of all kinds of music. Was always trying to guess the song but it never scrolled at the bottom of the app. Seems like a month ago, I saw what song was playing as it scrolled on the bottom of the Roon Mac app. And then a week or so ago, I noticed it was gone again. Is this a setting in the Roon app or is there another way to get it back? thanks in advance.

Hi @Bryce_Hill,

The default stream in the Live Radio Browser is the non-metadata stream. There are streams that include the metadata as well that you can choose, but note that those streams for Radio Paradise have some known issues that might result in dropouts.

that was the ticket! thank you Dylan. Works great now.

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