Song suddenly not playing. Roon just playing noise

Core Machine

Windows laptop, i5, 12 gb ram

Network Details


Audio Devices

Hdmi to receiver

Library Size

19k songs

Description of Issue

One album (wav) was playing fine but now I just hear noise - plain noise as what you hear from an old CTV without working connection.

The same album works fine on airplay or different output.

Hello @Lubin_Arora,

I’m very sorry about the trouble you ran into and just as sorry that we took this long to reply. Please, accept my sincere apologies :pray: I had hoped we’d have a chance to get back to you sooner.

If I understand correctly, when trying to play a particular WAV album to a specific zone, you get noise. What output is this? How is it connected to your Core?

if this issue is still happening, we’d love the chance to help :nerd_face:

It kind of fixed itself. I have no clue what had happened and how it got fixed. Will let you know in case I run into issues again.

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Sounds like it was an AC3 file.

Thank you @Lubin_Arora for keeping us posted. I’m really happy to hear that you can now enjoy the music :musical_note:

Please, do ket us know if this returns :slight_smile: