SongKong Help (How to view entire library)

I have downloaded the ‘Lite’ version of SongKong to see if it will be right for me. I have been using JRiver and it works pretty good with the exception of getting ‘release date’ and ‘original release date’ correct. I have already found in SongKong where to punch in this info to get Roon to get it right. My question is how can I show all my tracks all at once using SongKong? I know this is possible in Jaikoz…

Not sure if it is recommended but you can:
Use select folder to go to the root of your library
select the edit songs manually icon image
and view them there.

That is an approach.

Good luck.

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That’s the issue. When I select folder (which contains several artists and albums in subfolders) and then select the edit songs, I am only able to edit the first folder within that folder…

Entirely not what you’re asking but, mp3tag I think will work as you want.
It does bulk edit pretty well. IMHO.

Is only being able to edit the first subfolder a limitation of using the lite version?

I tried it here. It only loads the first under the paid version too.

Mp3tag . . .

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Check out the SongKong forums. The author is quite responsive.


I appreciate everyone’s feedback. To be honest… JRiver does everything I need for tagging except for one thing. It does not have the ability to add the ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE that Roon will accept. SongKong does, but it’s not easy and takes a lot of time. Jazz is dominant in my collection. I don’t want my dates to be reissues or whatever. I want them to be actual recording dates…

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