SongKong on MacOS .. which licence is best for a Roon friendly library?

Not much more to say that the title I suppose …

I’m a little confused about which licence key I should be going for … and what the heck is a “MELCO” ?

PS I tried SongKong as a Docker image on my NAS. It worked ok-ish then started to gobble all of the resources - does it have a memory leak or some nasty runaway process?


Well … I went with “Pro” and it seems to do a pretty decent job on a couple of samples so far!

Hi, a bit of background - MELCO is an audio brand can be used as a music server or (Roon Ready) network player. As a music server it has contains internal storage and can be used to serve the music, we teamed up with Melco so that SongKong can be installed directly on the Melco server to clean up customers metadata.

A SongKong MELCO license is required to use SongKong on a Melco, so for non melco users usually a Pro license is the correct choice. But Melco license does work on a non melco machine as well, and a Melco license is also required to convert Naim metadata if you are moving from a Naim UnitiServe or UnitiCore.

I’m not aware of such a problem, but it doesnt mean there isn’t one, would be useful if you could give more details, probably best on the dedicated SongKong forum since it is not a roon issue.

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