SongKong question

Do users of SongKong know how you get it to work across multiple locations (e.g. I have music on local hard disk and different but overlapping music on a NAS - how do I open both folders for detecting duplicates etc?

And can I set it up so that I can then group similar albums, rather than deleting the duplicates, perhaps by setting some metadata tag I can then process in Roon?

Maybe try on a SongKong forum but in my experience using it, it’s folder based, so it will only work if you get all the files into the same folder structure. You can certainly create a subfolder in the Music folder on your NAS, move all the music on your hard drive to the subfolder and then run SongKong against your NAS Music folder. When finished, you can copy of the contents of the subfolder back to your hard drive and delete it from the NAS (or keep as a backup).

bit of a PITA given there’s quite a few 10’s of GB there…

@paultaylor is normally active on the forum , he is the author of SongKong

He will be sure to help

Yes you can select multiple folders in different locations