Songs cut short

I use Roon with a microrendu in Roon ready mode connected to a Audio GD Master 11. When listening to a Roon playlist the songs are all cut short just before the end of the song. I have tried every setting but nothing I do fixes the problem

Is Crossfade enabled at all ? You’ll find it in the Zone Picker screen under the cog for the active zone. Just check it is set to 0.

Crossfade is disabled but I tried to set it to 1 second and it seemed to work properly. But when I set it back to disabled it continued to cut the songs short.

The Support devs will check in shortly and probably get some logs from you.

Please do I am very frustrated at this point. My system was working perfectly and I was was very happy with my system using Roon.

Hi @steven_dorfman ---- I completely understand your frustration. My apologies for the inconvenience here. Before we gather logs I would like to understand a bit more about your setup.

Could you pease, in deatil, describe your current setup. The more detailed you are the easier it will be for us to eliminate variables as a cause for this issue.

You had also mentioned in your most recent post that your system had been working perfectly. Has anything changed recently in your setup? Any new gear? New apps?


Eric I use a MicroRendu in Roon Ready mode wired direct to my router. From the microRendu usb out to my Audio GD Master 11 dac. I use Tidal only through Roon. I do not own music or use music on any computer on my network. The Roon server in on a desktop computer connected wirelessly to the same router as the microRendu. I then use a samsung android tablet to control the music in my listening room. Everything worked great up until about two weeks ago. I am not sure if that coincides with a Roon update. Let me know if there is any other information that you need and also let me know if my setup is optimal for the best sound I can get for my application. Thanks Steve

Hi @steven_dorfman ----- Thank you for your feedback. I’d like to get a copy of your logs over to our developers for analysis. I will be contacting you momentarily via PM with instructions. Thanks!


Hi, Eric.

I’m with the same problem.

Could you please help me?


Hi @fernando_salomao ---- Thank you for chiming in and sharing your feedback with me. May I kindly ask you to please provide the following information:

  1. A clear description of the issue you are facing and any relevant details you think are important for me to know.

  2. A brief but accurate description of your current setup as seen here.


Hi Eric, I have the same problem as @steven_dorfman and @fernando_salomao. When listening to any album using Roon, the music stops prior to the end of the music file, and the next song begins. I guess that is three of us now. I use an iMac where Roon resides. It connects wirelessly to my router into which my ReadyNAS is plugged in with CAT 5. I have strung CAT 5 from the router, through the wall, into the ceiling, and down another wall to a PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC. I am not using the fader feature within Roon. It is set to zero. Listening to music is a frustrating process and is no longer fun because of this glitch. Have Roon designers been able to identify any easy corrective measures us end users can take to solve this frustrating problem?

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Since I posted this over five months ago, has anyone discovered a solution to this problem? Listening to music using this method is not fun.

Hi @John_Dodson — I have reached out to you via PM with some further troubleshooting questions, thanks!