Songs don't show up in performances numbers

I am having trouble with the performance numbers that appear at the bottom of each track list on album view. I have a huge jazz selection and am often interested in hearing how everyone handles a standard. So, let’s say I wanted to hear “The Look of Love” My performance listing shows 12 performances. I’m sure I have over 20. Missing were Dusty’s version, Diana Krall’s and several others.

I also notice that many albums are just not there. I can find them via finder, but not through Roon.

How do I fix these problems?

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When Roon flags a track as a performance, it’s not because we’ve matched the title – it’s because detailed information about the album has been retrieved and we’re sufficiently confident this work should be highlighted. This means we know not only the name of the track and the songwriter(s), but also that we’ve determined that the songwriter and/or work is notable, either in your collections or in general.

So if you collect a lot of Bob Marley or Bob Dylan, you’ll end up seeing more of their works flagged as notable, which means the performance becomes a link back to the original work. That said, I think you’d find that “All Along The Watchtower” (and probably “No Woman, No Cry”) are almost always considered notable.

That’s how this currently works in Roon, but we do have plans to make this a little more flexible ion the future. Our current editing functionality allows for the editing of most display properties, meaning you can edit a track or album’s title, or an artist’s name or their biographical details. What you can’t currently edit are the links that are generated in Roon – the credits, an album’s main performers, a track’s composer information, or anything related to Roon’s concept of notable works.

We’re currently hard at work on preparing Roon 1.2 for release, but our next major release will focus on metadata, with an emphasis on editing as well as classical music. For now, if you have versions of Mr Bacharach’s work that Roon’s not matching properly, you may want to make sure the album is fully identified.

And for what it’s worth, Isaac Hayes’ version is my personal favorite :smile: