Songs Dropping Out - Changing Songs - Here is the answer/Solution

Been using Roon for a couple of years with a Nucleus streaming Qobuz and Tidal.
Tons of post here on songs dropping, changing to the next song while still playing a song, etc.
Here is the fix at least at my house. I have proven it time and again. I am also a ham and we run into the same problem with digital modes using our internet/routers!
Do you have a smart speaker- I can only speak for Alexa/Amazon.
UNPLUG it and it will solve your problem while listening to Roon! That smart speaker/ Amazon is dipping into your router all the time! Don’t believe me- dig deep into your router and see for yourself!
All I have to do to prove my point it to plug my Amazon smart speaker back into my ac and my Roon will skip!
Try it!


Very interesting, be good to hear anyone else take on this.