Songs everyone should hear at least once!

We all have favourites, songs which we adore, that move us each and every time we hear them, and similarly songs that are new to us we hear for the first time and it blows our minds. I know I have loads anyway, and every time I hear one I’m going to share it here.
Hopefully some of you will share yours here too.

This is possibly my favourite Sufjan Stevens song, and one I have used to describe myself with a song in an icebreaker!


This is one of the songs that move me every time I listen to it… Don’t be fooled by its festive and happy rhythms… it is one of the best Latinamerican protest songs ever written…

Hoje você é quem manda
Falou, tá falado
Não tem discussão
A minha gente hoje anda
Falando de lado
E olhando pro chão, viu
Você que inventou esse estado
E inventou de inventar
Toda a escuridão
Você que inventou o pecado
Esqueceu-se de inventar
O perdão

Apesar de você
Amanhã há de ser
Outro dia
Eu pergunto a você
Onde vai se esconder
Da enorme euforia
Como vai proibir
Quando o galo insistir
Em cantar
Água nova brotando
E a gente se amando
Sem parar

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I had apple do the translation as I listened (who knew you can now do that with a text highlight).
It’s also a really great bossa-style piece with great bv’s :grinning:
Thanks for sharing!


Yes, it’s a samba, in fact, and with lyrics which could not be clearer without ever mentioning the military junta’s head…

Here’s a good link with nice English lyrics and the backstory of the song…


Casimir Pulaski Day.

I’m truly fascinated by this song. I love the actual song, but the lyrics are so beautiful and sad…and very ambiguous. I think I have most of it sussed out, but still not sure if he is singing about a man or a woman? Either way, it’s a beauty.


Another great song! :grinning: I just love that whole album, it’s my ‘if you could only listen to one album from now on’ choice!


This is a topic I could happily live in for quite some time. Love, Pain, Joy, Anger, it’s all there.

Jackson C Frank - Blues Run the Game
This is a song I love so much, but feel sadness because of what happened to the writer. I guess the problems that Jackson had in those days would be treated differently today.

Arlo Parks - Black Dog
Wow! What can I say about this. Amazing tune, but more importantly the lyrics are profound. I can associate with this song due to one of my sisters having major problems with eating disorder and psychosis many years ago. Luckily she is now healthy and the mother of two amazing daughters. These lyrics make me cry.

XTC - Stupidly Happy
On a lighter note. This is the song I chose to play to my wife on our wedding day.
Love XTC, love this song.

The Blue Nile - Happiness
Wedding dance song.

I can honestly say that the only time that me (and wife) have ever cried at a concert was when Paul Buchanan sung ‘Family Life’ in Liverpool the last time he toured in 2006.


100% agree. One of the most moving (and observant) songs that I have ever heard.