Songs in itunes not showing up in Roon

Any idea why these songs are not appearing in Roon?

If you upload one to Dropbox and PM me a link, I can take a look.

Otherwise, a description of your setup would help us look into this. There’s also some information about this kind of problem here.

Ah, found the tracks in Roon. The album is listed as “original album classics” rather than “time out”.
I checked the info in itunes and see the album as “time out” and no sign of anything called “original album classics”. Any idea why Roon is giving it that album name and how to fix it?

Hey Peter,

These are WAV files, so generally speaking they don’t support file tags (at least, not when used with iTunes).

In your iTunes screenshot, all the information about this album (the album and track titles, the artist, etc) is stored in the iTunes database, not the files themselves. So, when Roon imports this album it tries to identify the album based on the track lengths and file names, since other information isn’t available like it would be with FLAC files, or MP3s, etc.

We generally do pretty well even when no files tags are available, but if the album wasn’t identified properly you can fix it by following the instructions here. Let us know how that goes.



Odd, why not get the information from itunes? It has the right info…
Worried there are lots of albums that have incorrect metadata in Roon.