Songs inside the playlists on its own album: with a swipe?

Inside the playlist: is it possible with a swipe or… in another way to rearrange (keeping “safe” the playlist) the songs in its album? I mean… to have another view of the playlist with album cover only, for example if I want to create a “best jazz albums” playlist seeing the cover only and not the loooooooooooong list of the tracks.

No it’s not. List of tracks only.

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Well… yes.


It’s also annoying if you swipe to scroll the list you can change the order by accident.

“To swipe” was/is an option; I think it could be possible use everything else even “safety”.
In my opinion, to have playlist full of tracks instead full of “album” (that could be opened) is worst.
For example multiple choices of view of the playlist: ordered by tracks, by album, by date, by…

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