Songs not available on Qobuz, but they are!

Roon Core Machine

HP Laptop, Windows 10, 6 GB RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details


Connected Audio Devices

Devialet 1000 Pro Dual Mono, connected via USB to Melco N1ZS with 3 TB SSD Harddrive, connected via Ethernet to Router

Number of Tracks in Library

Reduced to approx. 35.000 tracks

Description of Issue

I subscribed to ROON and had reduced my library from 150.000 to about 35.000 titles and for the first few month the set-up ran fully okay and fast. As previously with the LINN or LUMIN interface. Beside the titles on the Melco SSD I have subscribed to Qobuz and Tidal. Now the following problem occurs. When searching for music quiet periodically the album appears, but when I try to replay a title the message “ currently not available from Qobuz” appears including the message “ too many failures”. However, when I use the Qobuz App at the same time to check, the title is available and I can replay the song.
Along with the described problem I can not search for the same title just at Tidal for instance.

Hi @Jens_Jurgen_Hartel,

Thank you for reporting your issue on the Community forums. The tech support team is eager to assist you; can you please provide a little clarification around the following so we can expedite our investigation?

  1. Is there a particular album from TIDAL/Qobuz you can provide as an example?
  2. Are you experiencing this issue across all your Remotes?
  3. Does this issue occur with no network endpoints connected? What about just playing from the system output?
  4. Do you experience any issues with local library playback? During our initial scan of your account diagnostics, we saw that your Core can’t mount the network share you’ve set up. It may be worth double checking the storage paths you’ve set up in Watched Folders, and verifying that your backups are functioning if automated.

We’ll be watching for your response.

1.there is no particular album. The problem occurs randomly. I can not send one now as I am about 900 miles from home.

  1. I am just using the Dual Mono Devialet with the Melco Streamer with Roon.

  2. I am not sure if I understand correctly as my mother tongue is not English. However, the problem does not occur:

  • if I play directly from the SSD of the Melco
  • when I use Lumin or Linn instead of Roon
  • when I play the same album directly on my iPhone using the Qobuz app. I tried that immediately when at the same time the error occurs on Roon stating „Album currently not available, too many tries, errors“.
  • the problem also not happens if I use the Sonos app and play Qobuz to one of the various room systems.
  1. as mentioned before, my local library is on the 3 TB SSD of the Melco Streamer. Absolutely zero problems with that.

I hope that helps!

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