Songs on Tidal becoming unavailable

I know this is not a Roon problem but wonder if other users have had this issue either through Roon or directly through the Tidal app. I live in South Africa. Songs I’ve been listening to for 2 years have suddenly overnight (on Christmas Day!) become unavailable. I have listened to the album Teaser and the Firecat by Cat Stevens on Tidal for a couple of years but suddenly half the songs on the album have come unavailable in South Africa. Has anyone got and information as to why this happens? Did Tidal suddenly realise on Christmas Day that they are not licensed for half the songs on the album in South Africa but the remaining half are ok? Makes little sense to me…

Happens all the time, if you search the forum there are multiple threads about it. Licensing as you say.
One of the downsides of streaming.

Ok. Thanks. Very odd that half the songs are licensed but half not. Would make more sense if the entire album was unavailable in this country. Thanks for the response.

Great album…one of the first 5 I ever bought myself as a kid…and I got it on vinyl and cassette later. I don’t have the original vinyl now but several copies I have managed to gather over recent years

Agreed - great album. Along with Tea for the Tillerman they were also amongst the first albums I bought as a young teenager in the early 70s

Perfect example of why I don’t stream. I’m passionate about the music I like and this would really get under my skin.

Yes I’ve also gone back to purchasing the CDs of my favorite music and ripping to disk and use Roon as the player. Favorite music suddenly becoming unavailable has really bugged me

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Ebay! Used CD‘s are about 2 Euro, often less. And once you own it, no one can stop you hearing it.

Or support your local used CD store!

Yep I do that but often want to get remastered versions of classic albums - such as Cat Stevens, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Wishbone Ash, Free etc etc so do tend to buy new especially when Tidal either doesn’t have it or it’s unavailable in South Africa…

@anon8060941 you should look in at

Shame the artists get nothing for that though.

I hear you! I use bandcamp as much as possible, my eBay purchases are often 10-20 year old CD‘s, and I figure the artist(s) got their cut the first time around.

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