Songs randomly skipping in the middle of a track

As reported elsewhere, I can confirm this is happening on various occasions - see example below (red line shows where skipping has randomly happened more than once) - yet as I write this, “Looking for Love” (a TIDAL MQA title) just played fine:


Hi @ricgf

Can you give some details about your setup?

Additionally, please confirm the following:

  • You said that this works sometimes, but not every time — Have you noticed any patterns here? Certain endpoints or times of the day or anything that this seems to be a problem?
  • Does this happen for all endpoints?
  • Roughly, what percentage of the time does playback of this album skip?

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Hi @dylan,

No specific pattern seen here - sometimes it skips, sometimes it doesn’t, and this may happen regardless of endpoint. Though not absolutely 100% sure, I may say that most of the cases happen around the starting or 1/3 section of a track.

It just happened now, with Emiliana Torrini’s album on Tidal (after just a few seconds into the “Snow” track):

Thanks, @ricgf — I’ve enabled diagnostics so we can take a look at this occurrence!