Songs to trigger clipping indicator

Hello guys, I go straight to the point.
I am testing a new convolution filter and I want to adjust the headroom according to the clipping indicator.

So far the song that triggered the clipping indicator with -3db was “Chocolate chip trip” by Tool (24/96 version).
Now I have set to -4db and it seems fine.

Any other known songs that are triggering the clipping indicator?

IIRC, Paul McCartney’s “Memory Almost Full” is mastered up to the limit. Peak sample values of 1 are hit on most of the tracks.

I use One World form Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits to check for clipping.

Southbound Again also causes my clipping indicator to go nuts.

Thanks guys, I forgot to mention that I also use “Volume Leveling” together with the headroom adjustment. So far Paul McCartney album was fine… will test the other 2 songs.
If you want to check the Tool song I mentioned…