Songs you didn't realise were cover versions

Listening today went to skip a cover version only to discover the Toploader version I was familiar with is the cover version of this.

Others that I’ve done same with in the past RamJam-Black Betty, Blondie-Denis etc.
Have you dismissed the originals of any songs?

I wasn’t much of a Springsteen fan, so thought Blinded by the Light was a Manfred Mann’s Earth Band song.

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I like it when live bands we host do a great cover and re imagine it where they can. We record the shows so it’s always something unique.
On Saturday, Morganway played an amazing cover of Tom Petty Free Falling, and also a cover of Jolene that was of particular note. I look forward to the final mix to grace my system. These are not on the album though.

You mean ‘no fun’ wasn’t a sex pistols song?

Seriously though in my opinion Nouvelle Vague have done some brilliant interpretations of other people’s songs.

The Leather Nun’s Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight). ABBA never sounded so good.