Sonic Transporter i5 crashes

of Tidal?!

I have about 20k tracks in my library and another 20k in Tidal. If I disconnect Tidal, Roon gets much better.

any hope it will ever get fixed?

I had no problem with 1.2

Running build 204 core on sonictransporter i5 with microRendu …

Hi @maxim – what exactly are you seeing when Roon crashes? The Core disconnects? What remote are you using? How is everything connected? The details listed here would help.

Hi Mike,

I use mostly iPad Pro (iOS updated) as a remote. But I have similar problems controlling Roon from a Lenovo i7 W10 laptop on the ethernet or iPhone 5s.

Roon crashes when iPad loses connection to the core and tries to reconnect. Sometimes it succeeds, other times it goes very quickly through many cycles of disconnecting / reconnecting / disconnecting again, etc. I usually reboot the Roon app on the iPad, sometimes several times before I get a breather.

Roon also often hangs, sometimes forever. E.g. I would be browsing a classical composer by title, try to switch to browsing by Opus number – and the app hangs and never gets through.

As mentioned above, I have somewhat better stability after I disconnected Tidal the other day. But Roon still crashed and hanged a couple times yesterday.

In fairness, I seem to have no issues with the playback itself. Even when remote crashes or hangs playback continues uninterrupted.

STi5 is on ethernet, so is microRendu. My music library is on a 2TB WD Elements extrenal usb drive directly attached to STi5. WiFi signal is strong in the house, I don’t think the problem is due to the network.

Please let me know what other details of the setup and/or experience may be useful.

Thank you.


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Hi Mike,

I have a similar setup as Maxim I.e.Ethernet throughout, USB drive for music storage, STi5, iPad Pro

I also have similar problems with STi5 Roon core disconnecting repeatedly and have to follow a similar process to get my iPad Pro functioning with the STi5 again. I also experience repeated missing album artwork that is only cured by restating the Roon app on the iPad

However, if I use the iPad to connect to my 2nd Roon core running on Windows 10 everything is stable.