Sonic Transporter not working after 2.8 software upgrade

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Roon Core Machine

Using a Sonic Transporter i5 for my Roon Core, connected to my Verizon Fios router

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Fios Gigabyte - hardwire ethernet connection

Connected Audio Devices

EtherRegen - OpticalRendu

Description of Issue

Everything was working perfectly well until I followed instructions to upgrade my STi5 software from 2.7 to 2.8 . I successfully ran the upgrade program but since doing so my Sonic Transporter has been unable to connect to my network.

I contacted Small Green Computer and their advice was that my STi5 appears to be ‘broken’ and I need to send it to them for repair.

I’ have no clue how to resolve this. My internet and network otherwise work perfectly.

Any helpful advice before I send the STi5 back to its maker would be hugely appreciated. Thank you.

Hello @Jeremy_Jones

We recommend following Sonic Transporter’s advice here. It’s great to see that they’re committed to following up on this and want to inspect the unit.

This doesn’t have to mean that you’ll be without Roon entirely while they look over your device. You can easily migrate your Roon Core to another device. Please take a look at the this article from our Help Center for step by step directions:

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