Sonic Transporter seems to have lost access to DNS or the internet

My US Roon implementation has been rock solid for years with its ST i5 with the music on a NAS and Tidal. Today I cannot log into Tidal from Roon, it says network error. If I look at the System tab it sees that I am on version 2.5 but latest version is blank. If I do a software update it fails with a DNS error. I have bounced the unit, Roon server, changed network connection, bounced switch, router and restarted services many times. I have tried with a static IP address, itself interesting as the MySonicorbiter page never saw the new IP address ( but still thought it could see I was so frustrated that after two hours I gave it a static IP address of .217. I can access Tidal through the web page.

Key point, Xfinity changed my router a few days ago which is certainly relevant as all my static addresses were wrong but I now have DHCP only running on the new Xfinity router. I can still listen to my music from the server but I am missing my Tidal albums. Can anyone help me?

Many thanks. shows a list of devices that it has found recently. The list is updated if left alone after a few days. The other way a units gets off the list is with a proper shutdown.

Ah, that makes sense. The renderers seem to populate immediately so I assumed that the players did. Still, I am no further forwards with my Sonictransporter. Thanks for the reply.

Ian, If you are still having issues please contact me directly. You can do that by clicking “contact us” on the Small Green Computer web site.

Thanks, Andrew. I have left you a message. I appreciate your response.