Sonic Transporter with Mytek Brooklyn – add MicroRendu or UltraRendu?

Hello All,
I currently use Sonic Transporter i5 to run Roon Core and am planning to buy Mytek Brooklyn DAC for MQA capabilities. Is it necessary to add MicroRendu or Ultrarendu to the setup? Will i compromise on the sound quality in doing so? What kind of difference will i notice when adding MR or UR in the chain? Let me know your thoughts

It’s going to be fairly tricky for anyone to tell you what you’ll likely hear, or any pros and cons. I’d start without and see if you’re happy with the sound.

Also, why limit yourself to these two devices?

I built my own music server, but it’s similar enough to a SonicTransporter i5. I’m currently just using USB straight out of the server to my DAC (a Metrum Musette). I also have a coax SPDIF out on my server which I plan to try at some stage, and I might even see if a Raspberry Pi makes any difference.

If you’re worried about noisy USB, the Schiit Eitr is probably a lot more cost-effective than the Micro/Ultrarendu setups.

Honestly am new to this game and I added Sonic Transporter i5 just for Roon Core and the only affordable DAC with MQA capabilities are the Mytek Brooklyn. I notice users adding either SOTM’s SMS 200 or MR/UR to the chain. Since am using a fanless Linux PC is it necessary to add SMS 200 Ultra or Ultrarendu to the chain or can I directly connect the ST to the Mytek Brooklyn DAC. @agillis

Thank u so much Jeff. Let me have a look at ur recommendation…

Connect the Mytek Brooklyn directly to the Sonic Transporter. If you have USB issues (clicks, pops, dropouts, no connection at all), look into adding something like the Schiit Wyrd or Eitr between the computer and DAC.

For this application, don’t waste your money on anything from SOtM Audio or Sonore; in effect, you’d just be adding another computer between your Roon Core and Mytek. Keep the chain as simple as possible and don’t worry about “USB noise”.

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Hi @Adam_Woodbridge , what USB DAC do you use?

I use a Schiit Gungnir Multibit.

Makes sense… will go ahead with my DAC purchase then. Thank u so much Adam…

Have you tried Schiit’s USB decrapifier, the Wyrd?

“up to 200,000x less noise than what comes out of your USB port”

The sonicTransporter i5 is designed to be a Roon server not a player. You can attach your DAC directly to it but the sound quality will be lower then if you use a dedicated player such as a microRendu.

There are USB filters available that can filter out noise on the USB bus and reclock a USB signal but you are always better off with a clean signal to start with.

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Also the Mytek Brooklyn is a great DAC! We have a lot of customers using it with the microRendu.

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Yeah, I ordered one along with the Gungnir when I bought it.

With the source being a 2015 Mac Mini running Roon Bridge, I really, really cannot hear a difference. Worked like a charm though to fix (not enhance) the connection between a Raspberry Pi and a crummy 1st-Gen Core i7 Toshiba laptop though.

Yes, it’s all computers – but the are differences between a powerful, busy Roon core like the Transporter and a low-powered, efficient little endpoint like a MicroRendu. (The same goes for a NUC running ROCK and Raspberry Pi for that matter – but that involves a bit of installation handiwork not everyone is comfortable with, while Sonore has created a nice software setup, creating a great ‘out-of-the-box’ experience).

A perfect little Roon setup woud be a Linux-based core (with music drive attached), hidden away from sight and sound, streaming to nice little endpoints wherever you want to use them.

No comments on USB wizardry as I don’t use USB. :slight_smile:

Sounds familiar: My Roon Core is in the furnace room running on a Core i5-3570K Ubuntu Server 17.04 system and apart from a Mac Mini all of my endpoints are Raspberry Pi’s.

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Yes, it seems the perfect setup is a NUC running ROCK (which seems to be bulletproof, since launch just one additional release necessary from Roon), and then RaspberryPi based end-points serving players & DACs, with or without HAT boards to improve USB output or provide Digital output or even onboard DAC.
The community seems much better at proving support & fixing issues found with these solutions than individuals & companies.
Seems the way to go, alright.

You do not have to add a micro/ultraRendu and you can connect your DAC directly to your sonicTransporter for playback. You could add a micro/ultraRendu or any other DIY endpoint if you wanted to expand the system to other locations without having a full blown computer at those locations. It’s really up to you.

SONORE computer audio - ultraRendu | microRendu | Sonicorbiter SE

Thank u so much. I tried connecting the ST to Mytek Brooklyn DAC at the store. For some reason couldnt get it to work. Roon wasnt detecting the Brooklyn DAC. However when i connect the ST to my KEF LS50 Wireles it works perfectly fine.

The unit needs to sees your DAC before it will show up in Roon. To verify if the unit sees yours DAC go to Apps / DAC Diagnostics. If the DAC is not listed you may have to remove and reconnect the USB cable, then refresh the page. If your DAC is still not listed try power cycling the DAC followed by power cycling the unit cable and then go to Apps / DAC Diagnostics.

I’m running a ST AP an UltraRendu into a Mytek Brooklyn and, hand on heart, it’s the best digital sound I have ever heard. Roll those pennies and get yourself an Micro or UltraRendu. You will not be disappointed.