Sonicorbiter 2.5 operating system

Yes functionally they are the same but the software is different so an upgrade would need to be different.

Some clarifications:

Between the Sonicorbiter SE and the microRendu the hardware, software and functionality are different. Similar yes, but different.

Some differences:
Sonicorbiter SE with USB and optical output vs microRendu with USB output only.
Sonicorbiter SE with multiple USB ports for audio output and drives vs microRendu with one USB port for audio output only.

SONORE computer audio - Rendu | microRendu | Sonicorbiter SE

Well put…very funny Jesus!

Well Put…Very funny Jesus!

Apart from the changes described, will there be any difference in sound quality when using the Roon or HQPlayer options?

I prefer not to get into sound quality comparisons…we leave this up to you guys.

SONORE computer audio - Rendu | microRendu | Sonicorbiter SE

When is shipping planned ?


Below is the email I received a few minutes ago from Sonore. Shipping date is May 1st. Just pre-ordered mine.

Greetings from Sonore and Small Green Computer;

We are excited to announce that the operating system for your microRendu has been upgraded to Sonicorbiter version 2.5. We are shipping the software on May 1st but you can pre-order now:


The Sonicorbiter 2.5 operating system comes with the following new features and enhancements:

  1. Updated base operating system and Kernel.
  2. All the pre-configured applications have been updated to the latest release versions and or stable versions.
  3. DSD playback now supports Native DSD with POP free PCM/DSD transitions.
  4. New devices have been added that support Native DSD playback.
  5. Spotify Connect has been added as a new output mode. This new output mode can be controlled by your computer or tablet running the Spotify application. The application can be installed and uninstalled from Software Manager.
  6. A SongCast receiver has been added to the existing MPD/DLNA output mode. This new output mode accepts streams from your computer running Linn Songcast. The application can be installed and uninstalled from the Software manager. The application is in Beta form.



What does the upgrade cost?
The cost to upgrade is $20 USD

Why the upgrade charge?
To add new features and enhancements, we needed to provide our customers with a new base operating system and Kernel. After much consideration, we determined the best way to deliver the new operating system was by sending you a new microSD card with version 2.5 preloaded. We have absorbed as much of the cost as possible but are asking our customers for $20 to upgrade.

Will my microRendu still function if I choose not to upgrade?
Simple answer: YES!
The Sonicorbiter 2.3 operating system utilized on the microRendu is approaching the end of its development cycle. This means that we will continue to maintain the operating system for general functionality only. However, we will no longer provide application updates and new features going forward. There is no need to update to the next version right away, but we recommend that you consider it at some point in the near future.

How difficult is the install?
The install is very simple and takes less than 2 minutes to complete. The below video link explains the process:



Thank you,
Andrew and Jesus

Just pre-ordered mine. Looking forward to the native DSD update.

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Update Status:

  1. For those people who purchasing the cards from the link without drama I just want to say…thank you. I have the first batch of micro SD cards with 2.5 on them here and I’m going to spot check them today before any ship out.
  2. For those people who trying to purchase the update please note that we are sold out of the first batch and offering a pre-sale for the second batch.
  3. For those people who have opted out of the purchase you are within your right to do so. Should you change your mind at some point do not hesitate to ask for the update via email if the link is no longer working.

SONORE computer audio - Rendu | microRendu | Sonicorbiter SE

I replied to your email but did not receive an email with a link to buy, is it lost or not sent?

Me also.
I did find this page: [link removed at request of Sonore]

@Jesus_Rodriguez: Can you follow up on this?

I ordered already

Many thanks, just ordered.

If you need to place an order just contact us via email.

SONORE computer audio - Rendu | microRendu | Sonicorbiter SE


Yesterday was the 1st. Did the software ship?

Shipping has started and will continue until all the orders are complete.