Sonicorbiter 2.5 operating system

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I have installed/upgraded to version 2.5 from 2.3 and I can no longer play music from my Roon Server on my Mac with MacOS 10.12.5 on the Roon app on iOS 10.3.2 on my iDevice.[/quote]
I have the same versions of mac os and ios and the latest updates to the mR and all plays fine.

Suggest you go to Roon, go to Audio Setup, and find the mR - the update from 2.3 to 2.5 makes it look like new device. I am assuming your mR is connected to your LS50w over USB.

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Yes, that was also necessary for me.

And if you had some carefully tuned DSP settings, suggest you:
1- Go back to 2.3 (switch the cards!)
2- Go to the DSP menu and save the darn things
3- Switch back to 2.5 and reload DSP settings

PS: Jesucito: send me some liquor for the customer support work, si?

That did it; Simple and obvious in hindsight but without the experience…so thank you.

miguelito I can send on some fine Irish Whiskey for the additional time you’ve saved me - IM me your email and address …

Thanks again,



i’m in singapore and i recieved my SD card last night. installation this morning was a breeze and Roon recognises my mR. my DAC is Chord DAVE.

i tried playing some DSD material. i selected native DSD on the mR but wasn’t able to get a lossless path on Roon. i did select DSD+ on the DAVE. not sure if i missed selecting any other options on the mR and/ or Roon. i had to switch back to DoP on the mR so that I can get back to listening to DSD on Roon.

thought i’d come here and do some due diligence before email Jesus.

thanks guys and have a good weekend :slight_smile: