Sonicorbiter database corruption

I am using a Sonicorbiter and I can get through to the setup page but not to Roon. It informs me that my database may be corrupted. The help screen isn’t too helpful!!!

Hey Rob,

if you have a recent backup, it might be helpful to just make a restore.

Unfortunately the core cannot be located, so I’m at a bit of a loss to know the way forward.


Unfortunately none of the apps can locate the core!

Hey Rob,

I move you to a new topic so that we can concentrate on your specific issue, my colleague will be in contact soon for further investigation. thx

Contact Andrew at Small Green Computer

I can still located the sonicorbiter apps on the machine it’s simply that the Roon app cannot locate the core even if given the IP address of the sonicorbiter


You might have to remove (uninstall) roonserver from your apps on your sonicorbiter page.Then reinstall roonserver from available apps on same page.
These are found in the software manager app.

If you have roon db backups you can use them to restore from the button at the bottom of your new reinstall page which will now show up on roon.
If you have NO backups to restore from you will have to login to roon and start fresh with a new db.
Yesterday i waited 25 minutes for my sonicorbiter i9 to show up on roon after new roon update.
I finally did a restore from a very recent roon db backup and sT showed up in roon.

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Thanks seaharp1 that is exactly what I did and as if by magic up and running, but frustrated!!!

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Several times recently with my sonicTransporter i9 I have updated HQPlayer and had the Roon core fail to run. The only solution was to remove the Roon core, reinstall the Roon core, and restore the Roon database from a backup.

The response I got back from SGC when I asked for help with the problem? Check with Roon or Signalyst…

Moving forward, I am prepared to do the same dance…but I am actively looking at replacing my sonicTransporter i9 with something else.


When you find the replacement let me know!

Hi @Rob_Higginson,

Thank you for this update, glad to hear that you’re up and running again. I was just on my way to see if I could lend a hand. :+1:t2:

Thank you so much for the assist @seaharp1 - I wouldn’t have know to start with your recommendation. I’ve saving those details for future use. :pray:t2:

@musicjunkie917 I hope your update is successful as well. If you’re looking for an alternative to your SonicTransporter i9 I can’t say enough good things about my experience with my Nucleus. It’s a Rev A version and still going strong. ROCK is also a great DIY option. :muscle:t2:


The Nucleus (or Rock) is not an option as it is not able to run HQPlayer.

I am likely to get an Apple M1 Mac mini. I am going to wait until I see what Apple announces on March 8th though just in case a new and more compelling (for HQPlayer) Mac mini is announced.

Hi musicjunkie917, I agree it is very frustrating at times, however, when it’s all working it is a very good system. I guess that if we were not prepared to play and update etc, we would have bought some form of out of the box system. Very frustrating but ultimately worth it!

I had to reinstall Roon Core on my i9, then figure out how to do a network share so it could find my backup. Then restore Roon. That was after trying everything else first. Very frustrating.

Yup a hell of a frustrating and one would think unnecessary excercise, I’ve still got zones missing!

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