Sonicorbiter is there but error when trying to connect IP address [Fixed, SD error]

@agillis My Sonicorbiter will not connect to IP address, but does show up in My Sonicorbiter.

I was trying to upgrade from 2.1 to 2.2 but just sat there for over an hour with nothing happening and now I can’t manage anything. How do i reset this to work?

I’m not sure can you contact me at Tell me what product you have and explain your problem in detail. Thanks.

Thanks, I just emailed you.

That means the unit is not really ready for you to connect to it.

and how do I get it ready?

Was this unit working before? Describe the connections from the router to the unit?

the SOSE was working fine until I was updating from 2.1 to 2.2 but it just said update is in progress for over an hour with nothing changing on the page so I assumed something was wrong and I restarted the unit and since then it can’t connect.

Wait for for Andrew to return on Tuesday and he will get you a replacement SD card. Just email him and reference this thread.

Thanks @Jesus_Rodriguez. I spoke briefly with Andrew by email last night.

@Jesus_Rodriguez @agillis Just to let you know I emailed Andrew and stilling waiting for a reply. Not to rush, but my system is down because of the broken SOSE.

We have exchanged email a few times today. You ran some tests and I’m going to connect to your system tomorrow night. We are in the US and you are in the UK. So we don’t always respond to email during your “day”

@agillis I’m in Canada not the UK and we have not spoken through email today. I sent you one email last Friday and that was the last I heard.

OK I thought you were a different customer. I can’t tell who you are from the user name. email me again I’ll make sure we get your problem resolved as soon as possible.

I just emailed you.

Hi @anon94274355 ,

Did this turn out to be an SD corruption problem ? Will mark it as such and fixed if that is the case.

Yes it did.