Sonicorbiter no longer an Audio Zone [Resolved]

Today my Sonicorbiter was no longer displayed as an Audio Zone. When I look in Audio Settings, it is not found.
I had updated the Sonicorbiter to V 2.1 a couple of weeks ago and I can see the status of the Sonicorbiter and its DAC connection from MySonicorbiter.
Does anyone have any ideas?

This happened to me the other day when it was in the middle of playing an album, it just disappeared from the network. I had to do 2 things to get it back. 1. Quit and restart the RoonServer app 2. Reboot the Sonicorbiter.

After doing those it appeared again. Although a fews times it would just pause in the middle of playback (this was Friday), but yesterday and today so far not one problem… Hope this helps.

Hi Peter,

Did the input setting on your DAC change ?

If you are using the SOSE USB output to the DAC then, like any USB zone, the DAC may need to have the USB input selected in order for the SOSE USB zone to show up in Roon.

There’s a chance @brian could see what’s happening via your logs.

@andybob there was no change to either the DAC or the amplifier. Everything had worked fine, I went away for two hours without turning everything off and when I came back Roon could not see the SOSE audio path but the SOSE diagnostics showed up just fine. I will ask @brian for his help.

Let’s drop a flag for @vova who may be able to collect your log.

Same issue today: SOSE not showing as an audio zone.
Requires rebooting the Roon Core server, then it appears.

@brian recently posted a discovery issue diagnostic procedure for the Pi that seems equally applicable here:

@PNCD already ran through those steps :slightly_smiling:

I think his issue might be fixed for 1.2. Not 100% sure, as after many attempts we have been unable to reproduce in house, but we did do an audit of that part of the code and fix something that might explain the problem.

So it sounds like ‘wait and see’ for Roon 1.2?

Unless we can find a way to reproduce the issue, I think that’s where we are. The logs you sent pointed in a direction, but didn’t take us all the way to certainty.