SonicOrbiter + Oppo requires restart after disconnect [Solved]

I’m successfully using the Sonicorbiter SE connected by USB to an Oppo BDP-105d, and am happy with how it sounds. However, every time I shut things down I have to reboot the Sonicorbiter and restart Roon in order for Roon to find it as an audio source. This is very tedious, so I’m hoping there’s a way to avoid needing to go through this every time I want to listen to music.

I’ve seen this same issue being discussed in a separate thread involving HQ Player, which I’m not using, so perhaps it is a Roon/Sonore issue? Or does this happen with other endpoints as well? I reached out to Sonore directly, but they said it was a Roon problem. Any help would be appreciated.

Try 1.2 (Build 123) and see if things are better. A lot of work has been done since Build 102.

If you’re still not in good shape, we’ll take a deeper look.

Updated software and on the first try it seems to be resolved! Thank you for your quick reply.

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