Sonicorbiter SE + DAC - Needs reboot before listening sessions and experiencing occasional dropouts [Resolved]

Since I have updated the software on the Sonicorbiter SE, I now have to reboot it everytime I turn on my DAC. I don’t know where the issue comes from (RoonReady update, Roon update, or something else), just it started with the last update about 1 week ago.

Also since the update during playback it may just randomly stop.

@Jesus_Rodriguez @support

Hi @anon94274355 ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. Both are appreciated!

Moving forward, to help me better understanding what could be causing this behavior with the Sonicorbiter SE, may I very kindly ask you to please provide the following:

  • A brief but accurate description of your current setup using this link as a guide. Please be sure to verify the make/model DAC you are using with the Sonicorbiter SE :sunglasses:

  • My assumption based on your report is that no other end points in your setup are experiencing this behavior, but please confirm.

  • During your troubleshooting of this behavior have you tried testing the Sonicorbiter SE with another DAC to see how it responds?


Hi Eric,

Thanks for the reply. I have a Unison Research CD Due (which uses tube output stage) connected by USB to a Uptone Regen connected to the SOSE which connects to a MacMini late 2012.

No other endpoints are having this issue.

This morning was the first time all week that the SOSE showed up as an endpoint in Roon without having to reboot it once I turned on the DAC, also the past day or so I have not had any of the random pauses that started to happen since the latest update to Roon.

Not sure if Sonore have done any new updates in the past day? But today was all good… so far.


Hi @anon94274355 ----- Thank you for your patience here and my apologies for the slow response.

Moving forward, I wanted to touch base with you to see if any new observations or progress has been made here. We touched base with Jesus, concerning this behavior and he mentioned that nothing has changed that should be affecting the behavior of the Sonicorbiter SE.

In light of the above, I would recommend shortening the chain of communication between your devices. Have you tried testing with the Regen removed from the stack?


Same here. No issues anymore. Since first reported both have been updated.

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