sonicOrbiter SE vs microRendu - when powered by the Uptone LPS-1

Hi all, has anyone compared the sonicObiter SE with the microRendu, when powered by the Uptone Ultracaps LPS-1?

With such a pure ultra low noise power supply feeding the sonicObiter SE, is there still a difference between the two?

Yes because the MicroRendu has USB treatment similar to the Uptone Regen built in.

Ah yes. Even if both have the same ultra noise power supply, the mRendu still has the Regen features with the sonicOrbiter SE doesn’t.

Have you heard the 2 yourself, with the LPS-1? And the difference was noticeable?

I haven’t so I can’t can’t say with absolute conviction.

Might be worth posting the same question over at Computer Audiophile. Lot of Sonore users over there…

Will do. Of course the overall performance may be dependent on the Dac too, so I know there’s lots of variables. Just interested if using the LPS-1 (or battery) bridges the gap significantly between the two.