SonicOrbiter v2.3 Clicks with PeachTree Nova 150

I have the following 2 Sonore products:

  1. microRendu v2.5 connected to Benchmark DAC3L
  2. SonicOrbiter v2.3 connected to Peachtree Nova 150 with DAC

#1 works fine with ROON, including having the DSP on and off.
#2 has sound but there are clicks in the sound and the sound seems a little out of sequence. I tried this setup with ROON DSP both on and off.

I switched the microRendu to the Peachtree and the SonicOrbiter to the Benchmark and both worked without problems. So the issue is isolated to the SonicOrbiter v2.3 and the Peachtree Nova 150 combo. Has anyone got this setup to work without the clicks?

I would prefer to have the microRendu on the Benchmark system because it is the more resolving system.