Sonicorbiter version 2.8

@agillis Andrew please enlighten us how this is going to work!

  • A CD Player can now be plugged into a Rendu USB port and play to any Roon Ready endpoint or DLNA endpoint (directions coming soon…)

there will be a lot more information on this. This is a Sonore product so all info will be on the Sonore forum (on audiophile style)

Will the sonictransporter SW also updated in near future?

We have no plans for that at the moment.

Under I see the ability to update to ST 2.8 for the i5 yet the button does not appear to do anything. Am I doing something wrong?

I think i followed these instructions apart from substituting ‘upgrade25’ to ‘upgrade28’

Thanks Stampie. It looks like I may have jumped the gun. It appears ST2.8 is only for Rendu, not the Sonic transporter i5.
It does show up under the upgrade menu though.

There is ver 2.8 available for sonicTransporter as well, independent of sonicOrbiter. I have a ST i5 and am on 2.8.

You may find a resolution for your issue here…

Thanks Jonathan.

Thanks so much Johnathan, that seems to have worked.
Stampie I apologize. You posted the same procedure.i must have typed it wrong.

We just updated the kernel in 2.8. This should resolve a Roon issue that a few customers were seeing.

You can get this by pressing the update button.