SonicorbiterOS 2.5 update?

When I look at the Sonicorbiter SE SW version and I get the following versions, telling me that 2.5 is the latest SW version.

However I click ‘Update’ but the update process doesn’t apply the 2.5 version - is this a ‘OTA’ upgrade?


It’s a bug.

I thought there was no 2.5 update for the SOSE.

@Jesus_Rodriguez, can you clarify when you get a chance?

Now I understand your post. You can’t upgrade from 2.3 to 2.5 without buying the upgrade.

There is no upgrade path on the SOSE from 2.3 to 2.5. 2.5 only runs on the microRendu and ultraRendu.

Please explain the screen above, showing latest SW at 2.5 - just a little confusing to list something you can’t avail of.

The GUI software is shared by all the hardware we sell. The GUI is just telling you what you have and what is current. If you have an ultraRendu both would be 2.5.

Ok, may I suggest a change to the GUI that differentiates the SW current/latest settings by hardware type, so reduce this confusion.
Also if/when you update the SO for SOSE how do we, as users, process that update?


You sure can. Maybe we like the confusion;) We have not decided to update the SOSE yet.