SonicTransport: DSD128 Upconversion Failing

Hi - Anyone else having issues upconverting to DSD128 on the SonicTransporter? I can do DSD64 at 1.1X processing speed and get playback, but DSD128 dips to .05 or so and the file stops after 5 seconds and gives me an error.

Is this a limitation of the ST? I know it’s not a bandwidth issue as I am getting 60 up and down with the direct router connection, so I believe the issue is lying in the hardware.


EDIT: Roon endpoint is Micro Rendu going into a Chord 2Qute

What CPU has your SonicTransport? Seems to me like you have not enough power

It’s the original transport, I just shot a note to the team there to hear their thoughts, but I don’t see specs listed on the site. They have a newer version with a faster processor, so chances are it is the CPU. Kind of bummed.

Further testing shows that I can only really upconvert 44.1/16 to DSD64, anything higher also fails after 5 seconds. I can upconvert everything to 384 with no issue, so i have to make a decision whether or not 1) DSD64 is enough and 2) I am OK not having higher encoded tracks converted

Your setup is probably CPU limited. Wait for a future release of Roon to make it work on slower CPU.

I have a SonicTransporter i7 8GB with a dCS upsampling converter to 64DSD.
In the beginning of 1.3 the upsampling to 128 did not work fine.
The ST was also getting verry warm.
I did try it this week and everything is working fine now.
I have a lot off DSD64 files, these files you must not upsample to 128.
Roon downsampling these files first, that is not bitperfect.