SonicTransporter can't use USB disk [resolved by SGC hardware support]

My problem now is that my Sonictransporter sees the usb drive attached but will not scan the files or recognize them .Tidal is working fine in Roon on Linux and all my Tidal music shows up but not my music library on the ssd usb external hard drive.

I sent a zip file to the main support email address.

I’ve checked these logs and see no mention of a USB drive properly being mounted. This sounds like a hardware issue. @agillis should have a look for you. From what I see, this has nothing to do with Roon and everything to do with your SonicTransporter or the USB drive.

I could be wrong about this, but the evidence does not show this USB drive mounted, and Roon doesn’t do that… the OS on the SonicTransporter does.

I apologize if my frustration got the best of me in some of my Linux posts.

I have just never had a software update render a piece of hardware inoperable ,not even with the Squeezebox
when it initially came out and was loaded with software bugs.

Andrew got the hard drive up and running but I still have problems connecting the iPhone app to the sonic transporter . If I close the app out 3-4 times I can usually get it to connect .

I consistently get stuck on initializing or connection failed .