SonicTransporter for Roon

This is a hardware I will be interested in to run Roon server. Sorry to post this here but that site is bare and does not address my concern.

Yes it says you can copy your music to the SonicTransporter. This is a no no for me. I already have a home server for file sharing and will like to keep my music there. Question is will this sonictransporter be able to access the music files on my home server via LAN connection? Roonserver can then index and do it’s thing.

Thank you.

@agillis …maybe you can help him

From the site you linked it clearly states:

Make you music available to network music players. The sonicTransporter runs RoonServer, Squeezebox Server, and MinimServer (DLNA server). Attach a USB drive full of music or a NAS and your music will be available to virtually any network player

Roon server is setup via the Roon remote to look at various locations for your music that you can define.

Look in the RKB at How do I import music.

I use a sonicTransporter i-7 for Roon core (also has Audiophile Optimizer on it) with a Synology DS-412+ and it works great. So the answer is “yes”, you can use it the way you’ve described.

You can use a NAS. That would match the third use case here.

Thanks for your input.
From my post I clearly stated that I do not want to attach any usb drive to sonictransporter. I was asking if the transporter will be able to see and make accessible to roonserver my music files on my home server. Just to be clear again, I already have a home server for file sharing. If sonictransporter works only via local storage via usb, I understand and can’t do anything about that but that clarification was the goal of my initial post.

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Thank you Chris.
That clarifies it for me.

If you read down the page I linked a bit you will see the NAS reference…A Home Server is basically functioning as a NAS in your case.

Got it.
Thank you.

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