sonicTransporter i-7 with Audiophile Optimizer

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I use a sonicTransporter i-7 for Roon core (also has Audiophile Optimizer on it) with a Synology DS-412+ and it works great. So the answer is “yes”, you can use it the way you’ve described.
[/quote]Hi @7ryder, Chris.
I am interested in Audiophile Optimizer. How did you install it on the ST? I ordered the STi7 and am receiving it today.

Thank you :wink:

If the ST you ordered is the SONICTRANSPORTER I7 FOR ROON DSP, then it has sonicOrbiter as the OS and you can’t use Audiophile Optimizer since it only runs on Windows 10 or Windows Server.

The i-7 model I have has Win10 for the OS and this model is isn’t listed on their website. If, by chance, you did order this version, then you just load AO onto it like you would any Windows compatible software.

So if you didn’t get the version with Win10 as the OS, I guess you would either have to partition the drive, install Win10, and boot up the PC with Win10 or reformat the drive, install Win10, AO, etc. In either case, you would not have the sonicOrbiter OS on it.

I’d discuss this with Andrew before proceeding.

I did not get that version. I just read about AO this weekend and had already ordered. Thanks so much :wink:

If anybody wants the Windows version you can get it here.

This version has a lot more memory for (memory hog) Windows.

I REALLY wish I had seen that one Andrew. That set up would be ideal :wink:

Question - why don’t you show this version on your website?

We build a lot of custom systems for our users. This is part of our custom line. Only our standard products are on our site.

Also I would rather sell a standard sonicTransporter because it “just works”. With the Windows version customers call me with Windows related questions and problems.

I would prefer not to sell Windows machines at all but at the moment it’s the only way to get HQplayer to work.

Also software like the audio optimizer is great for fixing all the latency problems in Windows but if you run Linux like we do on our standard sonicTransporter you don’t have these issues so software like the optimizer is not required.

I am running HQ Player on a 2014 MacPro with 32gb ram and it runs it beautifully. Having it in one box would be ideal but I also get what you are saying about Linux. I have been running my ST i7 i received Tuesday constantly and absolutely love it. It really is a great server and should handle my needs without issue. Now I am waiting for the Ultrarendu to be released and I will be in business.

At some point HQplayer will run headless on Linux. Just not sure when that will be.

Have you had any issues with dropping network connection? I have a SOSE connected to ST second Ethernet connection and it drops connection a couple times a day. Prior to getting the ST, I had the SOSE connected to a switch and never had this to occur.

I don’t use my UPNP bridge set up that way, it is set up on my LAN. and, no, I haven’t had any dropouts

I loaded Audiophile Optimizer onto my ST i7 (Windows 10 version) the other day.

It didn’t cost anything as I already had a spare licence from my other computer.

I can’t say I noticed a significant change in sound quality (I’am also running a mR and SU-1) but what was noticeable was that the STi7 it was much more stable when running DSD 512 and the poly-sinc filters on HQ Player. On the -2s poly sinc filters I am not getting any stuttering at all - it’s solid as a rock. Probably due to the power management settings being changed by AO. I’m sure you could do it manually if you know what your are doing.