SonicTransporter i5 and Devialet 200

Hi guys,

Sorry I think I posted on the wrong category.
I’m planning to buy a Devialet Expert 200 and wondering if it can be used with SonicTransporter for Roon?

The system will include:

  • QNAP NAS (store music)
  • SonicTransporter running as Roon Server
  • Devialet 200 as amplifier and DAC

Can I connect both SonicTransporter and Devialet to the same router and it will work?

Do I have to install Devialet AIR or anything else?

Thanks for your help.

Hi Kyle,
I’m a member of the Devialet Chat forum, and I’m pretty sure at least one of our members is using a Sonic Transporter as a Roon server. You won’t have to use Devialet Air, you can simply connect everything to a router or switch, via Ethernet for a robust network, and use Roon Air.
If you need any help with your amp, may I suggest you look on Devialet Chat, or better still, join. You will find that all of your Devialet related problems will be sorted out by our very helpful members.
I hope I’ve understood your problem correctly.

Hmmm… a bit confusing here… I think the SonicTransporter is the Roon Core (which replaces the Mac Mini) and Devialet can act as a player/end point?

I’ll join the Devialet Chat forum shortly to read a bit more. However I’m still considering buying the Devialet, in case if this configuration works then I’ll buy.

Sorry, I had my wires crossed. Please see my edited post.

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Roon now supports the Devialet protocol. All you need is a SonicTransporter and Devialet attach to the same router and it will “just work” you can play directly to the Devialet over the network in the Roon interface.

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Yes I have tried and it works like a charm. However in the signal path it shows “Devialet Airl, does it suppose to be “Roon Air”?

I’m not sure. You would need to ask Roon about that.