Sonictransporter i5 oscillating pitch noise


Hi @agillis

When my sonictransporter processes stuff (like skipping songs in Roon, or browsing through menus) it generates a oscillating pitch noise. This wasn’t present in the beginning so I wonder what this is? First I thought it sounds like a mechanical hardrive…

I can even hear it (when it is silent) from my listening distance which is over 3m: What is your recommendation?

How to delete a post?
How to delete a post?
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Can you contact me through the contact us button on our web site. I do all support via email and phone not user forums.


I just wanted to delete my complete post

Wrong place to write. Can someone help me with that?

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Rather than create a second post, it’s better to just flag the original post to get the attention of the mods.

I’ve merged the second post to here and unlisted the topic (you and Andrew can see it, but others will not).

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Oh thanks! Didn’t know that.
Why are you so fast everytime(!!!)?
Really good forum SW and fast support!

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