sonicTransporter i5 vs an NUC for running Roon Server

Sorry - the “you might very well think that; I couldn’t possibly comment” is a quote.


I remember it well, enjoyed the series.

Hi Andrew, @agillis,

Just getting into Roon and I am running the trial on Macbook Pro with Synology NAS as storage. The jury is still out as to whether I will carry on as I am not sure the difference over my Sooloos is worth the hassle to be honest, and I appear to have lost 200 albums, but I might carry on as a lot of good words have been said about it.

However, what I do know is that if I continue I can’t carry on using the Macbook as the core, and I will need something to run Roon Server on, as I want it to be always on. I have been reading and SonicTransporter seems an interesting option.

Although I am in the UK I believe I can source it directly from you. Can you please give me a quote for the i3 and i5 model.



We don have an i3 model you can purchase the i5 model here.

If you are using a USB DAC you should also get a Roon player like the microRendu

We ship all our products world wide and they all work on 120v/220v autoselect.

Hi Andrew

Thank you for response.

Will you have the i3 available at the later date as I am not sure I will ever get above the 24k limit?

Also I plan to use the Meridian MS600 as my endpoint. Have you any experiences or reviews with Meridian endpoints please



It does not hurt to have an i5, as Roon will continue to add functionality over time…

I have used an MS600 with Roon – works fine and sounds exactly the same as with Sooloos (as it should). :wink:

We sell a Celeron based unit that is basically as fast as an i3. It works well for small collections.

I can accept that there might be differences - but only now as I have upgraded my system with an OPPO 205, ultra Rendu and soon LPS1.2.

Each upgrade above led me to understand what people mean when they say more sound stage - more presence etc.

I like the idea of a dedicated ROON server but I’m stuck on HQP. Any chance in the future of an HQP compatible device like the sonictransporter?

HQplayer requires a desktop OS such as Microsoft Windows. We do sell a Windows based unit for HQplayer.

Thanks Andrew - more than I was looking to spend.

What would it take to make the sonic transport a windows based machine? Would that be something that an intermediate DIY’r could do?

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Not really also for HQplayer your want extra power and RAM. That is why we sell this unit specifically for HQplayer.

Yeah but i don’t need the CD burner or the drive…

Are you using DSD with HQPlayer ?

The HQplayer version does not have a CD burner or a music drive. It only has a small super fast SSD for the OS, Roon and HQplayer. This unit works very well with DSD up to DSD512.

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Sorry I read the wrong specs.

Yes I am. .

Based on my experience I would go with the NUC . Trust me on this.

…and based on my experience I would go with the sonicTransporter i5. Trust me on this.

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I like Nucs because they are multifunctional

Not if running ROCK which is why they are mainly purchased. If you want multi-purpose you can install Roon server on any i3 or above machine and most os.

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