SonicTransporter i7 Connection Failure Fix

Almost after each software update, I get failure to connect errors from iOS and PC “remotes” from my SonicTransporter i7, even after a reboot following the update. I found the solution is to unplug the ST for at least 30 minutes, then power back up. Seems to fix the problem each time. I am not sure why this works when just a reboot does not, but it is worth a try for anyone experiencing connection failures.

Turning off something for a short spell can allow things to discharge/reset where a reboot fails. In your case I suspect the issue is a networking one. Taking the device off the network for 30 is allowing a fresh DHCP assignation, a quick reboot just picks up where it left off. You could test this, rather than reboot the device just unplug the network cord for 30 minutes instead.

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Reserve an IP address for the device in the router.

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Thanks for the suggestion but I did that long ago.

Maybe but I have changed network switches and cables. Rebooted the eero router several times. Nothing else on the network is having issues but the other gear may be more drop tolerant that the ST.

I sent Andrew an email with the issues I have recently had to see if he has additional suggestions.

What is the DHCP lease time in the router? 86400?

Alternatively, can you use static IP address in the SonicTransporter?

Thanks but I set a static IP address for the SonicTransporter long ago. I am beginning to believe that the USB port on the ST has problems. Since I changed the music location from a USB drive to a NAS I am not having connection problems.