sonicTransporter i7 pre purchase questions

Considering the ST i7. I have a number of questions to sort out choice and setup hoping that I can gain a better understanding of my needs and what can fill them. Any help with these will be greatly appreciated. I’m sure there will be one or two more later!

  1. HQPlayer is intriguing. I may not end up with it, but would like the option to incorporate it. If I bought the ST i7 with Windows, is there any other difference between that and the SO OS besides the operating system? Is there any downside to Windows in this application, eg, is it any less stable overall than SO?

  2. Would running HQPlayer compromise Roon’s processing at all since they would be sharing the processor?

  3. Do I understand correctly that the two ethernet ports would allow me to connect my NAS to one (while leaving the NAS connected to the network with its second ethernet port) and the second ST ethernet port directly to my network bridge/streamer bypassing the router?

  4. If this is the case, does it matter if I have the ST close to the NAS with longer run to network bridge or closer to the bridge with longer run to the NAS? (I have one pair of media converters to connect by fiber on one run).

  1. The HQplayer version is just a Windows computer. It is not running Sonicorbiter OS like our other products. You do loose a lot of features if you go with the Windows version. The Windows version is not recommended for the average user only users that required HQplayer.

  2. no it works great.

  3. you could do that but the second Ethernet port is typically for a player such as microRendu.

  4. The best option is to attach it directly to your router. Some users do put it close to their network player to take advantage of the bridging feature.

@agillis 1st, thanks for replying to queries as much as you can. I read a lot of the posts you answer.

Anyway, my question is if you will be able custom build a zero-noise Server based on fanless i7’s (if there are) instead of the i5 (published @795$). Will you be able to fit them with multi-gigablit ports on (i.e. 2.5Gb, 5Gb, 10Gb on both regular LAN cables or SFP+ modules).

Will you be able to fit them exclusively with NVMe (1TB or 2TB).

I’d like to send you some queries over e-mail as some of the questions will be re logistics as I am here in Manila, Philippines.

More power!

Jordan dela Cruz, CPA

Yes I can do all that.

Click the the “contact us” button on and You can send me an email message.

@agillis thanks, will do.

Hello Andrew
How to reset Sonic Transporter I7?
Can USB HDD mount to Router \readyshare\USB_ Storage? That what I did with my Windows 10 Roon core. Just bought Sonic I7 at Audiogon. I try but not working, do I have to mount the HDD to Sonictrasporter? Thanks