sonicTransporter i7

After much deliberation I ordered the sonicTransporter i7 early evening on Friday.

It was delivered from the US to deepest Wiltshire today at 10:30 and playing music within 20 minutes. 3 and a bit working days brilliant!!

It’s sounding great with the microRendu and only time will tell if it’s an improvement over my iMac.

Thanks to Andrew for a fantastic and easy to use product that thus far appears to be a perfect set-up and forget solution for Roon.


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I am off to deepest Wiltshire tomorrow to take a Devialet D120 and a SonicOrbiter to set up for a friend.

I tried to set up Roon for my father in law with his Devialet 800(soon to be upgraded-lovely machine). He loves the interface but he didn’t like Tidal as it didn’t offer the classical depth that Qobuz or Spoitify offer. Did sound good though.Especially through his beautiful Electrostatcs…Maybe one day…

Yes my D800 will be upgraded to 1000 PRO soon as well I hope.

You lucky man. I’ll get there one day.

Hello Paul, I am also in for a i7.
What size of RAM memory has your unit.
It is not showing on the website.

Hi…Andrew Gillis confirmed in an email it has 16GB.

With 16GB and the Quad Core i7 it’s certainly not sluggish!

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Looks perfect to me.
I think this must be the one!

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