SonicTransporter to replace Mac Mini

Hi guys,
Currently my set up is as below:

QNAP NAS (store music) -> Router (wired)
Mac Mini (running Roon core) -> Router (wired)
Lumin (Network player + DAC) -> Router (wired)

The sound is quite good, however recently I want to get rid of the Mac Mini so I decided to buy the SonicTransporter i5.
I’m wondering what is the best solution to take advantage of the Sonic Transporter.
Should it be the same:

QNAP NAS (store music) -> Router (wired)
SonicTransporter i5 (running Roon core) -> Router (wired)
Lumin (Network player + DAC) -> Router (wired)


QNAP NAS (store music) -> SonicTransporter i5 (via USB) -> Router (wired)
Lumin (Network player + DAC) -> Router (wired)

I would like to know what is the best way to make use of the devices I have (get rid of the Mac Mini). Thanks guys.

My Vote would be for this.

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I will do a A-B comparison this Easter weekend and take some notes down…

You can’t attach a QNAP to the sonicTransporter via USB.

Solution 1 is the best. I’m not sure what kind of router you have but I recommend using a gigabit switch in the center of your network. Not the switch built into your router.

In many cases this has improved the sound a lot for very little cost ($20 - $30)

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@agillis Thanks for your suggestion. I currently connect the SonicTransporter and QNAP directly to the main ADSL router. If I want to add a switch like you recommend, what will the connection be like?

I like the TRENDnet 5-Port Unmanaged Gigabit TEG-S50g. You can search for these on Amazon.

You attach your router and all other network devices to the switch. They sell larger ones if you need more ports.

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