SonicTransporteri5 - No artists found in your library [Resolved]

Roon was working fine on my system until my core device, a SonicTransporteri5 broke down and was replaced.

Now when I click on the Roon icon on my computer screen, the following message comes up “No artists found in your library”.

My music files are stored in FLAC format on a Vortexbox server on my home network that is all connected with ethernet cable and USB cords.

How do I get Roon to recognize my music files? Attached is a screen shot showing the Vortexbox properties on the Vortexbox server?

Has the vortexbox IP address changed?

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The Vortexbox IP address has not changed.

I am not computer literate so how do I point Roon in the right direction to access my FLAC files on the Vortexbox server ?


I’m thinking this might be something @agillis can help with.

This would be a @support question for the Roon support folks. They know a lot more about how Roon works then I do.

Although I can see from your image you don’t have the VortexBox mounted as a network share

add folder -> browse -> Add network Share

is what you need to do.

After Andrew Gillis suggested that I had to mount the Vortexbox server as a network share I went to Roon to try to “Add network share” after trying to follow the Roon instructions.

I tried to add the Network Share Location smb:// but a message came up “Invalid network path specified”

What network path do I use?


Please use the backslashes " " in your file path

I tried using “” in my file path and a message came up stating"There was an unexpected error:UnexpectedError"

I tried again and got the same result.

For your information the Vortexbox server has a UNIX based operating system.

Do you have any other ideas?


Two things to try:

  • Try smb:// then, in Roon navigate to the /Music folder

  • Confirm is the right IP address by visiting


I tried smb:// but it came up with the same message “Invalid network path specified”

Anything else to tyry


I suspect this is going to be something with the Vortexbox, and I’m at a bit of a disadvantage here having never used one.

Are you able to open a command prompt in Windows (type CMD in start menu) and then ping the Vortexbox by typing:


That would at least confirm the device is on your network and accessible from the Windows machine.

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Vortexbox shows up on my Network when I click on the network icon. The Vortexbox ripper/server is connected via ethernet cable to my network and via USB cable to my integrated amplifier for playing music.

I use my Dell Desktop computer (Windows 10 operating system) by going to the website in order to control what happens to CD’s that I am ripping on the Vortex ripper/server. The CD’s are ripped in FLAC format to the hard drive in the Vortexbox and the Vortexbox accesses metadata for the music through my internet and stores the metadata. Therefore I know that the Vortexbox is on my network and is working.

The Roon core is another server (Sonictransporter i5) connected to a MicroRendu and to my Audio-gc DAC (all connected to my network).

Roon was working well before with this configuration but as I said before the SonicTransporter i5 broke down and was replaced by a new one recently and now Roon can’t seem to access the music on my Vortexbox ripper/server.

Do you have any further thoughts on how to get Roon to access the FLAC music files on my Vortexbox?


Can you not remember how you first set it up? Did you have instructions, make any notes or was it set up by someone else.



I got Roon working again by using the path \\files suggested by Andrew Cox around January 3, 2017.

Therefore my problem is solved.

Thanks for your help.