Sonore MicroRendu and McIntosh MX160

Have a problem with Sonore MicroRendu going directrly into the USB of a McIntosh MX160 A/V processor via USB. The MX160 can take a maximum or 192K 24bit files. It does not do DSD.

When I hook up the two up, the MicroRendu identifies the MX160 as a MX2109 and sets the max PCM capabilities at 384K 32bit. It also sets the max DSD capabilities at DSD128. I can override what roon thinks are the PCM capabilities to 192K and 24bit for PCM and this enables the device to work properly for PCM input. But I can’t see in Roon where to force DSD conversion to PCM. It does convert to PCM for DSD128 files so these files play correctly, but can’t seem to force conversion for DSD64 or DSD128 so anything above DSD128 doesn’t play at all.

Finally, Roon provides an ability to re-identify the device an pick a new logo for display when showing the signal chain, but there isn’t one for a McIntosh so can’t change from it showing a McIntosh MC2109.

I have sent a separate email to Sonore but thought I’d post here also as I’d love to know if I can force DSD conversion for all DSD and also request that a McIntosh logo is added to enable it to be re-selected by device identification.

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Thanks for the help!

Hi @Craig_Palmer ---- Thank you for the post and sharing this observation you have made with us. The feedback is greatly appreciated!

Moving forward, to help aide in our understanding of this behavior with the MX160 may I very kindly ask you for the following:

  • Complete screenshots of…

    • The “device setup” window for the device in Roon.
    • The “Roon Ready settings” for the device on the MicroRendu via
    • The “audio device list” which is located under “System Settings - Custom DAC” on the MicroRendu via
  • During your troubleshooting have you tried bypassing the MR and mounting the MX160 to another device, say a laptop or desktop computer acting as a Roon remote to verify what the experience is like?


Sorry for the delayed response.

Your questions triggered me to remember that sonore enables you to configure whether a connected DAC has the ability to handle DSD or not. I changed that and that fixed my DSD issue and now all DSD files are converted to PCM. I also swapped the micro rendu for a signature rendu se to see if I got the same behavior – which I did. So bottom line is after changing the max bit rate for the mx160 (in roon) and DSD support for the mx160 (in the Sonore UI), this setup is working properly.

It would of course be great to have the MX160 properly recognized with the right defaults and having the right graphic showing in Roon for this setup.

Here are the screenshots you requested… First the device setup:

Here’s the roon ready settings in the sonore signature rendu UI:

Here’s the custom dac settings in the sonore signature rendu UI: